Hometown Auto

following you car’s maintenance schedule is very important to keeping your car in perfect working condition. We have all the latest equipment  to work on vehicle model year’s 2017. see us for all your automotive needs phone 570-383-7338  fax 5704898135   email: hometown12@verizon.net    web hometownrepaircenter.com Thank you Dave

Rust Prevention

Protect the underneath of your car or truck this winter. We now offer undercoating by protection first class. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKQr8M98DIs This is unlike any other product on the market today. keep you brake lines, fuel lines, suspension components, frame & skid plates protected from rust and corrosion. Call for pricing and details 570-383-7338

Thank you

Just like to say Thank you to all the new customers the last two weeks. I hope you know how much I appreciate it & now you know there is honest, friendly & fair priced Service in the area. Thank you Hometown Auto.

Summer is coming

Check your A/C if its not cold have your system checked we have all the equipment to repair all A/C problems. Call 570-383-7338 also most A/C compressor’s now come with a lifetime warranty.

Vehicle Maintenance

If you drive a vehicle with a timing belt. Please follow your manufactures maintenance schedule. I’ve seen to many belts break, and a good percentage of them are interference engines which cause’s damage to cylinder head resulting in much higher repair cost. Call us 570-383-7338 we can tell you what your maintenance schedule is.